Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its Spring Time, time to get organized!

Have you started your Spring cleaning yet?

Are you trying to get your house organized, but are having a really hard time as to where to start?

Not sure where you should put all of your stuff? Your "maybe I might need it someday" stuff?

I know that I don't have all of the answers to your problems, but I will tell you how I am able to get some control and some order in my house.

The first room that I would start with is the room that you use most. If you do this one room at a time you wont feel some overwhelmed. The Living Room is a great place to start.

 Do you have books, magazines and DVDs all over the place? Take a good look at your things before you start put them away. Do you really need all of those magazines? You could always recycle your magazines. Do you a couple of books that you know that you will never read again or maybe some children's books that no longer interest your children? The Library or send to a second hand book store is a great place to drop of those books that have been long forgotten. The same can be said for your DVDs, the Library is always happy to take your movies. After you have only the "keepers"  buy yourself some covered baskets or a nice bookshelf and start putting things in order.

I also find that if you are able to re-arrange your room, move the furniture around and place your decorations on the other side of the room it gives it and entire new feel.

If you have kids like mine as soon as they come home the first thing that hits the floor is Backpacks, shoes then socks. I bought a couple of hooks and placed them in my Laundry Room so everyday the Backpacks are hung up, the socks go into a laundry basket and their shoes go under the backpack if they are not able to find the strength to walk to their bedrooms and put them away.

The Kitchen, I think that this room has to be the hardest room to put to rights. What do you do with all of those school papers that come home everyday? Make a folder for each kid, keep the papers for a couple of weeks and then get rid of them. I have a large bin in my hall closet that I keep all of my beloved projects and outstanding grades that I could never throw away.   Also, have a couple of folders for bills, upcoming events and sport activities that you don't want to forget about. Do you have enough room in your Kitchen for a cork board? You could eliminate a folder and pin up all of your events and activities, once its done take it off the board.

Once you got rid of the the paper clutter remove everything from your counter tops and place them on your table. Step back and really look at your kitchen and all of the "stuff" you now have on your table. Do I use the stand up mixer often? Do I really need all of those cookbooks out in the open? How many jars does one person really need?

Only put back what you use. You need a funcutual kitchen not a chaotic kitchen. You need a place to work where is it easy to clean up. So you can be done in the kitchen and spend time with your family.

What do you do with all of the things remaining on your table? Do you have room in your pantry for a box so you could put your cookbooks in there? Do you have an extra shelf in your pantry or Island so your appliances can have a home? No room at all? Garage Sale maybe? Put up some shelves?
You will have to set place some ground rules for the family. If they are just used to dropping everything and walking away, it will take them awhile to readjust. That's the great thing about children they adjust really well.

These are the things that I do in my home to make things easier for me. You see girls its all about you. Its what makes your day flow smoothly. A happy mom is a good mom.

Send me your ideas, I really love to hear from you.


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  1. Man oh Man! I am the MOST disorganized mom on the planet!
    You make it sound so simple!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    I'm off to look through my many MANY piles of clutter...

    Keep writing You ROCK!